May 15, 2024

Introducing “Spark Option” in Hearing Enhancement: Spark Smart Audiologist Plus iFLYHEALTH Smart Earback Hearing Aid

iFLYHEALTH has been actively exploring innovative applications of artificial intelligence in medical hearing aids, aiming to enhance the lives and work of the hearing impaired through cutting-edge technology and deliver the benefits of science and technology advancements to the hearing impaired. iFLYHEALTH Smart Hearing Aid is part of iFLYHEALTH intelligent hardware offerings for consumer use. With the backing of iFLYTEK AI technology, it has developed several highly successful products within a span of three years. Notably, it clinched the top spot as the best-selling hearing aid brand on both JD.COM and Tmall platforms during the “618” and “Double 11” sales events from 2022 to 2023!


With curiosity and imagination, iFLYHEALTH Smart Hearing Aid ponders the following technical approaches to seize the favourable trend in consumer medical care.


Empowered by artificial intelligence, hearing industry poised for innovation


The integration of large model deep learning and training with AI technology is expected to drive technological innovation in hearing industry in the near future. Utilising multi-mode perception, the intelligent charging box equipped with four microphones accurately captures external sounds and converts them into text signals. This technological approach offers effective semantic comprehension aids for the hearing impaired, enhancing their understanding of meaning conveyed in language and improving their communication skills. Extensive research into technical roadmaps and approaches has successfully overcome challenges such as role classification and speech recognition in complex noise scenarios, and contextual semantic understanding in dialogue scenes, leading to the realisation of:


Speech Recognition: Introducing a next-generation speech recognition framework that achieves an average accuracy of 98% in Chinese speech recognition.


Role Separation: Leveraging deep neural network feature extraction to achieve a 90% accuracy rate in role separation.



Subtitle Generation: Utilising contextual semantic understanding and structured text generation technology to achieve a 90% accuracy in semantic comprehension.




Using “noise reduction” technology as an example, iFLYTEK “deep-sea level noise reduction for hearing aids” employs cutting-edge deep-sea biomimetic technology, marking a significant advancement in environmental awareness, noise analysis, adaptive filtering, and sound enhancement. The voice quality achieved through noise reduction has reached an S-MOS of 4, indicating that even amidst various ambient noises and extremely low signal-to-noise ratios, voices remain clear and intelligible. With over 40dB of noise reduction, users can better concentrate on conversations without being interrupted by external noise.


Meanwhile, the average signal-to-noise ratio increases by 25dB, effectively filtering background noise and enhancing the clarity of voices. Whether amidst the hustle of a bustling street or the din of a lively party, the comprehensive auditory support in any setting immerses users in a tranquil oasis, akin to plunging into the serene depths of the sea!


The utilisation of advanced artificial intelligence large model technology has introduced a fresh approach to hearing aid fitting. iFLYHEALTH Smart Earback Hearing Aid incorporates “Spark Smart Audiologist” feature, leveraging the core capabilities of iFLYTEK Spark Desk, which allows for customisation to address users’ specific hearing requirements anywhere and anytime. By connecting to “Spark Smart Audiologist”, users can engage in multiple rounds of dialogues, enabling the hearing aid to gather detailed information on hearing issues, sound quality, and noise reduction preferences. Consequently, this facilitates more intelligent parameter adjustments, delivering a more authentic and clearer auditory experience to users.


Forging an industry signature


On April 24, groundbreaking Stark Light Star/Stark River earback models hit the market, bolstered by Spark Smart Audiologist. With key features including a high gain of 70dB and 64 smart channels, these models cater to individuals with severe  hearing impairments.


Embracing independent innovation


In-ear hearing aids (Premium/Pleasure/Deluxe versions) emphasise a high gain of 45dB, digital multi-channel capabilities, APP audiometry test at home, and adaptive scene recognition, offering unique advantage in function. The 32 smart channels equipped provide enhanced speech clarity and superior comfort. AIScene, a scene recognition system independently developed by iFLYTEK, dynamically adjusts to the user’s surroundings, supporting seamless switching between various noise reduction modes. Additionally, the inclusion of the AIClear squeaking-suppression algorithm and innovative design enhances isolation, effectively minimising unwanted noise. Real-time ear detection sensors accurately assesses the hearing aid’s status. iFLYHEALTH In-ear Hearing Aids tackle numerous industry challenges, delivering exceptional noise and squeaking suppression for an unparalleled listening experience.


iFLYHEALTH remains committed to the hearing industry, persistently enhancing technological innovation through the extensive utilisation of artificial intelligence. It strives to advance intelligent hearing aid products, ensuring superior quality and experiences to better improve the lives of those with hearing impairments. The aim is to extend the warmth of science and technology to every ear in need of assistance. iFLYHEALTH Smart Hearing Aid will be showcased at the 2024 Beijing International Audiology Conference on May 25-26. Please stay tuned.