iFLYREC Multilingual Simultaneous Interpreting System
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iFLYREC Multilingual Simultaneous Interpreting System

iFLYREC Multilingual Simultaneous Interpreting System

Making Voices Visible

iFLYREC Multilingual Simultaneous Interpretation System is a versatile solution that can be utilized in various conferencing settings, such as corporate meetings, exhibition halls, international communication, online and offline gatherings, press conferences, and more. With multiple product forms available, including an offline standalone version, online client, and localized private deployment, this system relies on iFLYTEK’s core technologies, including language tranion, machine translation, and speech synthesis, to provide simultaneous interpretation in nine languages. Additionally, it features AI-assisted subtitling, multilingual recording, machine learning, and optimization capabilities. Users can conveniently access the meeting minutes, content, and synthesized multilingual speech broadcasts by scanning the QR code on mobile phones, complemented by professional simultaneous interpreters if needed. This system is known for its efficiency, professionalism, and intelligence, having been successfully applied in over 10,000 large and medium-sized domestic and overseas conferences, press conferences, and professional academic conferences.

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    9 Languages Real-Time Translation
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    Seamless Integration in Various Scenarios
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    Professional and Efficient Conference Services

Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition Technology

97.5% speech recognition rate, 200ms ultra-low delay speech recognition, texts are transcribed and leaped into the eye in an instant.


Real-Time Translation

Support real-time translation into nine languages, and translation into more languages will be available later.


A Good Tool for Watching Plays

Provided with floating subtitles: Once a web page is opened, the floating translation subtitles become instantly visible, without the need to load.


Multilingual Live-Streaming

During overseas live-streaming sales, our solution provides prompt access to live-streaming subtitles.


Multilingual Conferences

Enabling smooth communications during multilingual conferences.


Barrier-Free Assistance

iFLYREC Multilingual SI System makes sound visible.


  • 2022
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    Top Ten Solutions

    Billed as the “Top Ten Solutions” during the Achievements Exhibition for the Fifth Digital China Summit 2022.

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    Exclusive Supplier of Automatic Speech Conversion and Translation

    Exclusive supplier of automatic speech conversion and translation for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games and FISU World University Games 2023 Chengdu .

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    2022 EDGE AWARDS——The Best Application System of the Year

    Based on its technical advantage in AI transcription and translation, iFLYREC offers clients from C/B/G ends with diversified products and services through its voice and language service platform, including scripting, documentation, videos, simultaneous interpretation and conference services, and offers clients experiences of barrier-free information acquisition and communication by building the business ecosystem of SaaS+aPaaS language service.

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    CMIC 2022·MICE Star —“The Best Cooperation Service Provider”

    As the exclusive official technical provider of speech transcription and translation, iFLYREC offers video translation and real-time subtitling services during CMIC2022 to facilitate barrier-free communication.



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    • Product Name
      iFLYREC Multilingual Simultaneous Interpreting System
    • Language Identification
      Support transcriptions in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Arabic
    • Language Translation
      Support mutual translations between Chinese and
    • Speech Synthesis Capability
      Mean Opinion Score (MOS) of speech synthesis in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Arabic: ≥4.0
    • Additional Features
      Generating minutes after conferences are concluded, including conference audio, transcripts and multilingual translated texts
    • Performance Parameters of the Machine
      CPU i7 and above, 64G memory, 512G SSD +2T SSD, GDDR5 graphics card, 4GB graphics memory, 64-bit Win10 operating system (professional operating system)
    • Performance Parameters of the Sound Card
      2-way XLR and TRS composite audio inputs; two MIDI output interfaces, one-way USB Type-C output, sampling rate: 44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz/176.4kHz/192kHz; gain margin: +6db~+60db; compatible with 48V phantom power supply.

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