February 04, 2024

iFLYTEK Entering into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yunnan Provincial Overseas Investment Co., Ltd.

iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. formalized a strategic partnership with Yunnan Provincial Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. (YOIC) in Kunming on January 9. The two will collaborate to delve into various initiatives encompassing intelligence, smart industrial parks, and smart port terminals built upon the Saysettha Development Zone in Laos, an existing informatization consolidation project. Additionally, the collaboration envisions the establishment of overseas smart parks and the creation of benchmarks for smart port demonstrations. Together, they aim to showcase the vibrancy of China’s new infrastructure and contribute to the economic development of ports.

Wang Qingmei, Deputy Director General of Yunnan Investment Promotion Bureau; Zhang Wei, Director of Industry Division 1; Liu Aijun, General Manager of YOIC; Cheng Xiaogen, Vice President of iFLYTEK Smart City BG; Cheng Tao, General Manager of iFLYTEK Yunnan; and Huang Lei, Director of Overseas Market of Smart City, were present at the signing ceremony.


At the ceremony, Wang Qingmei extended congratulations and shared her expectations for the collaboration. She highlighted that YOIC shoulders the crucial responsibility of Yunnan’s overseas development and the expansion of the port economic zone. She looks forward to a future collaborative effort with iFLYTEK that continually explores technological development in Yunnan, facing the world and the future. This involves venturing into the “no man’s land” and “high-cold zone” of science and technology, transforming the “economic channel” into a “channel economy,” and contributing to Yunnan’s high-quality economic and social development.

Liu Aijun emphasized the necessity for pioneering courage, whether in the realm of technological innovation or venturing into new territories. YOIC, situated at Yunnan gateway, shoulders the historic responsibility of industrial transfer and major foreign projects, and is actively expanding its overseas ventures to showcase China’s vitality. As pioneers in their respective fields, this collaboration is poised to leverage complementary strengths to facilitate the fruitful implementation of iFLYTEK’s technological innovations and contribute to Yunnan’s economic development. In the future, both parties will engage in close collaboration, with a particular focus on the construction and development of smart parks and smart ports, creating a development hub that extends its influence to overseas markets, including Southeast Asia and Africa.

Cheng Xiaogen highlighted iFLYTEK’s extensive construction capabilities and industry-recognized technical prowess in the domains of new smart buildings and smart parks, coupled with a standardized management system. Upholding the belief that innovation propels development, iFLYTEK is boldly spearheading general artificial intelligence technology. The company is actively enhancing its cognitive large model and integrating new infrastructure, such as smart parks and smart ports. This collaboration marks a fresh beginning, and both parties are expected to intensify their exploration, attempts, and practices in the future. Both sides aim to realize the strategic vision for the development of the port economy and border trade, fostering economic and social vitality in Yunnan and other parts of Southeast Asia.


In the future, iFLYTEK will collaborate with YOIC to advance the development of Saysettha Comprehensive Development Zone in Laos. This partnership aims to champion intelligent, dynamic, and refined initiatives, fostering a deep integration of scientific and technological innovation with infrastructure construction and industrial development. The joint efforts will continuously incubate and cultivate new industries, formats, and models, transforming the “key variable” of scientific and technological innovation into the “maximum increment” of high-quality development. Together, the two aspire to promote the high-quality social and economic development of Yunnan and more effectively respond to and drive the development of overseas economies, particularly in Southeast Asia.