May 07, 2024

iFLYTEK Consumer-end Products Available in Malaysia, Further Solidifying Its Presence in Southeast Asia

In April 2024, as part of its continued global strategy, iFLYTEK introduced its translation devices and pens to the Malaysian market, extending its reach to more users in Southeast Asia with artificial intelligence services.


Following Singapore, Malaysia stands as another key market for iFLYTEK in Southeast Asia. iFLYTEK partnered with esteemed Malaysian local distributors such as Orro Home and technology product channel providers like AiHome and Ai Space. iFLYTEK Smart Translator and iFLYTEK Smart Dictionary Pen are now available in five high-quality offline stores operated by AiHome and two reputable offline stores managed by Ai Space.


iFLYTEK Smart Translator offers both online and offline multi-language translation capabilities, catering to consumers’ needs for cross-language communication in business and travel. Meanwhile, iFLYTEK Smart Dictionary Pen provides lightweight and efficient solutions for various learning scenarios, including vocabulary lookup, speaking practice, reading, and course learning.




AiHome and Ai Space are committed to providing Malaysian users with firsthand experience of the value that AI technology brings to both life and work. This collaboration lays a solid foundation for iFLYTEK’s development in the Malaysian market.


Malaysia stands as a promising market in Southeast Asia, boasting rapid economic growth and diverse language requirements alongside cross-cultural communication challenges. For iFLYTEK’s consumer-end products, this burgeoning market presents vast opportunities for growth and development.




The debut of iFLYTEK offerings in Malaysia marks a significant milestone in its strategic expansion and ongoing efforts to penetrate global markets with innovative AI products. iFLYTEK remains dedicated to introducing new generation AI office solutions. Through the integration of cutting-edge AI technology and practical office demands, iFLYTEK aims to enhance user experiences, offering greater convenience and intelligence in both office and learning scenarios across various countries and regions.