April 12, 2024

iFLYREC Participating in TAC Annual Conference 2024 where AI Innovation Facilitates Seamless Communication

The 2024 Annual Conference of Translators Association of China (TAC) commenced on March 30 in Changsha, drawing professionals from translation, education, culture, and business sectors. Centred around the theme of “Deepening Exchanges and Mutual Learning Among Civilisations”, participants engaged in discussions aimed at fostering cultural and technological integration and driving high-quality development of translation industry.




TAC Annual Conference 2024 spanned two days and hosted nearly 30 sub-forums. During the opening ceremony, both domestic and foreign translators received commendations, and the “2024 Report on Development of Translation and Language Service Industry” was unveiled. During the session of group standard release, the “Basic Requirements and Test Plan for Machine Simultaneous Interpretation System”, jointly drafted by entities including iFLYTEK Co., Ltd., Academy of Translation and Interpretation of China International Communications Group (CICG), and Anhui Rec Technology Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled. The document delineates reference framework, fundamental requirements, and testing methodologies of machine simultaneous interpretation systems, serving as a guide for third-party evaluation institutions tasked with functional assessments and system acceptance of machine simultaneous interpretation systems.




Alongside a range of academic forums, Translation Industry Achievements Exhibition showcased the latest advancements in the integration of culture and technology by enterprises and universities. iFLYREC presented a variety of offerings, including iFLYREC simultaneous Interpreting, iFLYTEK Writing, iFLYTEK Smart Wireless Microphone C1s, iFLYREC Smart Omnidirection Microphone, iFLYREC Translator, and iFLYREC Smart Recorder, offering guests a diverse experience with artificial intelligence products.



In the morning of March 31, Zhang Hui, Director of iFLYTEK Simultaneous Interpreting Product Line, presented on “Multi-scenario Application of Large Model Enabled Machine Translation” at “Highlighting Achievements” sub-forum. He gave a comprehensive introduction to the latest development of current machine translation technology and the progress of iFLYTEK Spark Desk enabled translation technology. At the same time, visual demonstrations were provided for guests, showcasing how speech translation, including simultaneous interpretation, audio and video translation, and other multilingual language services based on Spark Desk, offers robust support across industries such as exhibitions, conferences, film and television translation and more, making solid contribution to industrial transformation and upgrading.




Zhang Hui emphasised iFLYREC’s dedication to fostering global barrier-free communication, leveraging large models to facilitate cultural communication and enable better understanding of Chinese culture through translation, which aims to break down communication barriers and collectively embrace a wider world.


During “Education of Translation Professional Degrees and Innovation Application of Language Technology” sub-forum in the afternoon of March 31, Huang Wei, Project Director of iFLYTEK Simultaneous Interpreting Product Line, presented on “Challenges and Opportunities of Translation in the Era of Human-Machine Collaboration”. Drawing from real-world examples of machine translation and human translators, Huang Wei and participants explored the current landscape, opportunities, challenges and prospects of human-machine collaboration. Through iFLYTEK multi-language speech service platform, human + machine collaborative development is achieved to harness artificial intelligence for a better world.




With the theme “Deepening Exchanges and Mutual Learning Among Civilisations: Translation Community Responsibility”, this year’s annual conference seeks to inspire greater role of China’s translation industry in fostering deeper exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilisations, and in promoting Chinese culture worldwide. iFLYREC remains dedicated to product innovation, striving to create a world of barrier-free communication. Leveraging large models, iFLYREC aims to enable countless industries to connect with the broader world together.