April 08, 2024

iFLYTEK Showcasing AI for Smart Life at AWE2024

Appliances & Electronics World Expo 2024 (AWE2024) recently concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year, AWE placed a spotlight on intelligent technology, particularly in smart home appliances. The expo attracted over one thousand global leading home appliances and consumer electronics companies, including industry giants like Samsung, which unveiled new products for the full-scene ecosystem. As a leading domestic artificial intelligence company, iFLYTEK took part in the event, showcasing its AI interaction technology based on Spark Desk cognitive capability at Samsung’s new product launch event, garnering significant attention.




During the event, Ji Bing, Director of Samsung Nanjing Research Institute, mentioned the deep collaboration between Samsung and iFLYTEK in developing scenarios utilising large language models. Leveraging iFLYTEK Spark Desk, Samsung TV voice assistant is becoming more intelligent, adept at comprehending user queries and providing relevant responses. With just a simple deion from users, it can grasp their intent and conduct intelligent Q&A sessions and searches. This significantly enhances user experience, rendering TV interactions more natural and user-friendly.




Zhao Yanjun, Vice President of iFLYTEK Consumer Business Group, then presented the most recent advancements and applications of iFLYTEK Spark Desk. Since its release, iFLYTEK Spark Desk has undergone continual updates and iterations, with a new version set for release in the first half of this year. Samsung voice assistant developed in collaboration, has already boasted profound comprehension, content generation, and query response capabilities. It can provide rich and precise responses in specialised domains such as education and healthcare.




In household settings, the TV voice assistant integrated with Spark Desk will evolve into the ultimate family hub, effortlessly managing schedules, controlling smart home devices, and offering nutritional dietary guidance, thereby enhancing convenience in family life. Educational scenarios will witness new shifts, as children engage directly with the TV voice assistant to practice speaking, acquire knowledge, and resolve queries, fostering a keen interest in learning and nurturing independent learning skills.




Moving forward, iFLYTEK and Samsung will bolster collaborative connections, working to craft a large model voice assistant that genuinely addresses users’ needs and deliver the ultimate intelligent experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology, forging a richer application ecosystem in entertainment, health and beyond. By marrying Samsung top-tier hardware and product design prowess with iFLYTEK Spark Desk, the TV voice assistant will undergo a paradigm shift, transcending from a mere functional tool to a smart companion that intuitively understands user desires and requirements.


The successful integration of iFLYTEK AI interactive technology into the home appliance sector not only fuels technological advancement within the industry but also enhances the consumer product experience. Moreover, it opens up new avenues for growth for home appliance enterprises. Looking ahead, as Spark Desk undergoes iterative enhancements, iFLYTEK remains committed to exploring additional possibilities in AI interaction technology to provide users with an even more intelligent, convenient, and seamless interactive experience.