October 31, 2024

iFLYTEK Supports Sichuan Province’s High-quality Education through Artificial Intelligence

Since 2015, iFLYTEK has comprehensively served the development of Sichuan Province’s educational capabilities. To date, iFLYTEK’s smart educational applications have reached over 1,600 schools in 21 cities and prefectures across the province, benefiting more than 1.5 million teachers and students.

At the provincial level, iFLYTEK has collaborated with the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education to establish the “Sichuan Cloud Education” platform, the first Chinese public non-profit platform for co-creating and co-sharing high-quality educational resources. iFLYTEK has also worked to develop an after-school service platform for Sichuan Province to support teachers and students with online teaching services and now serves 440,000 teachers and students. 

In partnership with the Sichuan Education Evaluation Institute, iFLYTEK established the “Holographic Education Evaluation Laboratory,” which combines core A.I. technology with education evaluation capabilities to conduct research in areas such as art education quality monitoring, whole-process language ability development assessment, expedient mental health screening, evaluation-based tiered homework, intellectual and physical ability, aesthetic sensibility, work skills, and more.

Since 2018, iFLYTEK has cooperated with the Sichuan Education Examinations Authority. The entity has served as an A.I. marking quality monitor of Chinese and English compositions of the Sichuan Provincial College Entrance Examination for five consecutive years, enhancing marking quality and improving accuracy.

At the regional level, iFLYTEK partnered with Mianyang City’s Fucheng District in 2022 to initiate a smart education demonstration area construction project. The project aims to establish an integrated district-school education public service system through a new Fucheng Smart Education Platform and the application of a learning network. The project makes efforts to improve the new infrastructure’s information networks and platform systems while fostering innovative applications and resolving persistent issues. These efforts also seek to catalyze the educational digital service ecosystem and create a “Fucheng Experience” to contribute to developing a digital Sichuan.


Furthermore, iFLYTEK has collaborated with Santai County in Mianyang City to develop and apply smart education, pool high-quality regional resources, and drive classroom teaching model innovation with big data and A.I. technology to elevate regional educational informatization.

iFLYTEK is working in the Wuhou District in Chengdu to enable accurate monitoring and management of academic data by establishing a big data educational quality monitoring platform. In partnership with Luzhou City, iFLYTEK is developing the city’s education cloud platform and academic quality monitoring system. The two resources offer intelligent grading and precise analysis services to enhance the scientific management of education and teaching, precise guidance, multidimensional evaluation, and digital teaching research while regularly monitoring teaching quality across the city. Additionally, iFLYTEK provides psychological health services to students in Ya’an City through a comprehensive student psychological health framework, early interventions for mental well-being, and holistic development of physical and psychological health.

Moreover, the iFLYTEK New College Entrance Examination Solution serves Wenjiang District, Shifang City, Weiyuan County, to provide technological support for the ongoing comprehensive reform of college entrance examinations in Sichuan Province. iFLYTEK also offers English listening and speaking test services to Mianyang, Deyang, Guangyuan, and others.

Digital education transformation represents a technology-enabled educational revolution. iFLYTEK is committed to “upholding technology and grounded application” to actively support high-quality education development in Sichuan through A.I.