April 25, 2024

2024 China International Consumer Products Expo丨Showcasing the Breathtaking Presence of iFLYTEK Spark Desk Products

The China International Consumer Products Expo (referred to as “Hainan Expo”) took place in Hainan from April 13th to 18th. As a globally renowned and significant event, Hainan Expo successfully drew participation from over 4,000 international brands spanning across 71 countries and regions. iFLYTEK, a prominent player in the field of artificial intelligence, actively participated in the Expo for the fourth consecutive year. This time, iFLYTEK showcased its latest large model, Spark Desk and a range of hardware products based on it. This impressive display demonstrated the company’s leading technological capabilities and innovative applications to global consumers.




In early 2024, iFLYTEK unveiled the upgraded version of iFLYTEK Spark V3.5. The company successfully made large models transition from obscure technological concepts to consumer-oriented applications and introduced innovative large model functionalities to several of its C-end hardware products. Speaking at the event, Zhan Wenyu, Vice President of Consumer BG of iFLYTEK, expressed, “At this year’s Hainan Expo, our primary exhibits showcase intelligent hardware products equipped with Spark Desk. This integration has completely transformed user experience and user value of original products. The combination of hardware and software underscores iFLYTEK’s distinctive competitive advantage in the age of large models.”


Writing meeting minutes requires not only meticulous detailing but also key information distilling. Since their launch, iFLYTEK Smart Recorder and iFLYTEK Office Book have garnered widespread acclaim from journalists, lawyers, and students for their exceptional performance in transcribing multilingual audio recordings with an impressive 98% accuracy in online tranion. Thanks to the integration of Spark Desk, both iFLYTEK Smart Recorder and iFLYTEK Office Book have undergone a recent upgrade by introducing two significant features, “Meeting Minutes” and “Discourse Ordering”. These functions go beyond mere recording and empower users to organise information, refine key points, and enhance office efficiency.




iFLYTEK Translator now automatically recognises languages and eliminates the hassle of manually selecting one. iFLYTEK released its first generation of Translator products in 2016, addressing the cross-language communication needs of a wide range of consumers in various scenarios. Currently, iFLYTEK Translator supports online translation in 85 languages, spanning over 200 countries and regions worldwide. With the integration of large model technology, iFLYTEK Translator possesses the remarkable ability to automatically identify languages, eliminating the need for users to manually select languages when using it, providing a more seamless experience for users facing language barriers. Furthermore, the advanced large model capability enables the Translator to support the feature “AI Speaking”, allowing users to practice spoken English with it and enhance their oral expression skills.




AI family is a brand new track that iFLYTEK has entered apart from AI office. iFLYTEK AI Vacuum and Mop Robot is the compnay’s first product of this track. For the home cleaning market that has become a red sea of competition, iFLYTEK AI Vacuum and Mop Robot, relying on its voice and semantic recognition function empowered by Spark Desk, has achieved some differentiated features such as “Say a place to clean” and “Point at a place to clean”. Users can use voice and gesture to easily command the robot to complete cleaning tasks, thus saying goodbye to complex APP operation.




In 2024, alongside Hainan Expo, iFLYTEK also took part in the MWC and organised a new product conference in Barcelona, introducing its latest C-end and B-end products to the international market. Through the integration of large model technology into various C-end products, iFLYTEK is dedicated to addressing users’ application requirements in real scenarios. This commitment aims to showcase the global audience the value that efficient and intelligent AI tools bring to both personal and professional aspects of life.