April 01, 2024

iFLYTEK and Sinosoft International Entering into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on “Artificial Intelligence+” Solutions

iFLYTEK signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinosoft International Limited (hereinafter referred to as Sinosoft International) at iFLYTEK’s new facility in Beijing. The agreement entails close cooperation between the two in establishing and operating urban and industrial intelligent computing centers, jointly developing industry large models, meeting their own mutual needs, and working on smart government projects. The cooperation aims to jointly facilitate the implementation of large models, offer end-to-end services ranging from research and development to application, support the advancement of “artificial intelligence+” initiatives and contribute to industrial upgrade.


He Ning, Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sinosoft International, Wan Ruyi, Vice President of Sinosoft International, President of AIGC Research Institute and President of Joint Force, Jiang Tao, co-founder and Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK, and Wang Bo, Vice President of iFLYTEK, along with other representatives from both sides, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the formal agreement.




The strategic cooperation fully leverages the technical prowess and industry expertise of both sides, fostering profound integration of large models and industry scenarios. It aims to bolster continuous innovation in AI technology, explore its applications and collective marketing. The cooperation spells comprehensive large model products, solutions, technical support, and services tailored for enterprises, government departments, universities, and relevant industries to pioneer new applications, scenarios, and standards of artificial intelligence.


In the realm of computing centers, the two will collaborate to enhance the establishment and management of urban and industrial computing centers. iFLYTEK leverages its expertise in pre-training large models, large model operations and open platforms, training platforms, reasoning platforms, and cloud management platforms. Sinosoft International, on the other hand, brings operational capabilities in computing power provisioning, application incubation, industry aggregation, and research and innovation. Together, the two strive to optimize computing resource allocation, monitoring, and decision-making, empowering large models across various industries to enhance their digitization and intelligence.


In the realm of scene large model joint development, the technical prowess and industry experience of both sides are amalgamated to co-create products and solutions, including procurement model and auditing model. At the application level, by combing Sinosoft International’s sophisticated solutions in price monitoring, supplier sourcing, and other areas with iFLYTEK’s intelligent bid evaluation application standard products and procurement model capabilities, the two aim to collectively delve into broader and more comprehensive application scenarios tailored to intricate customer requirements. The auditing large model, drawing upon the technological expertise and industry experience of both parties, is marketed among customers within the audit industry to facilitate workflow optimization, enhance audit work efficiency, and deliver elevated levels of personalized audit services.


In the realm of integrated data resource management, both will leverage their resources and technical prowess to forge a collaborative force. Harnessing Sinosoft International’s extensive customer service expertise and iFLYTEK’s cutting-edge integrated data platform capabilities, joint research initiatives and coordinated marketing endeavors are made to bolster the establishment and operation of integrated data infrastructure platforms nationwide.


Moving forward, the collaboration will delve deeper into aligning with market demands and supply, extending mutual support for business growth, and fostering intensified joint research and innovation endeavors driven by customer requirements, actively exploring, expanding upon various avenues of business cooperation and creating new value for artificial intelligence applications.




Established in 2000, Sinosoft International went public on the GEM in Hong Kong in 2003 and later transferred to the Main Board in 2008. It has evolved into one of China’s foremost software and information technology service enterprises in terms of scale and comprehensive prowess. It has secured a place among the top 100 in Gartner’s IT service market share for five consecutive years, reaching 73rd position worldwide. It is among the inaugural recipients of the national information system integration and service large-scale first-class enterprise. Sinosoft International has been honored with awards such as the “New Wealth”, “Golden Hong Kong Stock” and “HKIRA” IR awards, and has repeatedly featured in Deloitte’s “High-tech, High-growth Asia 500”.