April 01, 2024

iFLYTEK Showcased Its Presence at the Huawei China Partner Conference, Unveiling the Vision of “Ascend” and “Spark” Collaborating to Build a New Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence

The two-day Huawei China Partner Conference 2024 concluded successfully in Shenzhen. Themed “Gathering Creates Digital Intelligence and Potential”, the conference aimed to delve into the vast opportunities of digital transformation and expedite the path towards an intelligent world by strengthening the “Partner + Huawei” ecosystem. iFLYTEK, a strategic partner of Huawei, remains committed to the strategic ideology of “deep cultivation plus two expansions” and actively participates in the comprehensive digital intelligence enhancement of the “Partner + Huawei” ecosystem.




United and nurturing a fertile ground for AI growth


iFLYTEK and Huawei have collaboratively established an independent and pioneering computing power foundation for large models, fostering a continuous empowerment of application innovation and scenario implementation across diverse industries. Their combined efforts cultivate a fertile ground for AI, nurturing its potential for exponential growth like a thriving giant tree.


During the main forum held, iFLYTEK and Huawei made a joint announcement of the action plan “Standing Together”. Liu Jiang, Vice President of iFLYTEK, took the stage as a representative and initiated the launch ceremony with Liu Chao, CEO of Huawei’s Manufacturing and Enterprise Business Group, as well as eight other business groups of Huawei. This strategic plan aims to foster additional industry-level “alliance partners” in the realm of digital intelligence. Through collaborative efforts with Huawei and other partners, iFLYTEK is proactively establishing industry solutions, resource centres, and capability centres, and working in unison to consistently share value and benefit.




Embarking on a new journey together


iFLYTEK’s participation in the Huawei China Partner Conference not only highlighted the remarkable accomplishments of its Spark Desk and notable industry applications, but also underscored its unwavering dedication to strengthening the collaboration with Huawei. As part of the Smart Manufacturing Solution Partner Alliance, iFLYTEK will join forces with Huawei and other industry partners to explore and implement AI large models in the manufacturing sector.


At the official launch of Ascend Native Development during the Computing Summit, Zhang Dixuan, President of Huawei’s Ascend Computing Business, extended an invitation to Liu Jiang, Vice President of iFLYTEK, and the other 21 partners to witness this momentous event. Collectively, Ascend’s partners will collaborate to establish a robust computing power foundation.




Building a new ecosystem for artificial intelligence


Moreover, Liu Jiang captivated the audience with his keynote speech, titled “Ascend and Spark: Collaborating to Build a New Ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence” during the Computing Summit. He provided a comprehensive overview of the pivotal strides made by iFLYTEK and Huawei since the release of Spark Desk in May of last year. Additionally, he introduced ground-breaking products such as iFlytekSpark-13B and Speech Large Model, along with industry-specific applications like Code Large Model and Literature Large Model. Liu Jiang highlighted the immense impact of Spark Desk in empowering countless industries and emphasised that the sustained growth of this ecosystem relied on the collaborative co-creation between “Ascend” and “Spark” large model partners.




During the Partner Awards Ceremony, iFLYTEK was bestowed with the prestigious “Ascend Outstanding Contribution Award” presented by Huawei. This esteemed recognition was granted in acknowledgment of its exceptional collaboration with Huawei since the previous year, particularly in their joint endeavour to establish a new foundation for general intelligence in China.




Empowering various industries


Since its release, Spark Desk has witnessed remarkable instances of large model implementation across various sectors, including banking, insurance, culture and tourism, and scientific research. These notable industry implementations garnered considerable attention from visitors during the exhibition, and the staff offered comprehensive explanations of industry-specific large model cases, catering to the interests of the attendees.



As we look towards the future, the industrial landscape is experiencing rapid growth propelled by digitalisation, intelligence, and sustainability. Numerous sectors are accelerating their digital transformation, with pioneers in industries such as the internet and finance leading the way. The exponential advancement of AI unlocks a multitude of possibilities, fueling the expansion of computing power, storage capacity, and processing capability. Through collaboration with Huawei, iFLYTEK aims to build a dynamic and resilient “Partner + Huawei” ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth. Together, they will empower customers to “embrace a digital intelligent world with one single touch”.