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Create a better world with A.I.

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2019-2020 iFLYTEK Annual Gala Conference and Ceremony

For iFLYTEK, 2019 has been a year of rapid and valiant progress, and 2020 will be a year of solid development and vigorous sailing.

On January 21, the 2019-2020 iFLYTEK Annual Gala Conference and Ceremony was held in Hefei.



In 2019, iFLYTEK made great progress in leading the industry, scaling applications, and financial performance. It has been a year of artificial intelligence application dividends. It has also been a year when artificial intelligence continues to satisfy human needs. iFLYTEK artificial intelligence strategy 2.0 era has made a good start and the scale of cultivation has arrived.

ToB ToC dual-wheel driving, software and hardware coming together, and more and more A.I. applications in key verticals, give us faith to see the future path more calmly and more firmly.

When vital opportunities come, we will forge ahead and maintain development tension.

Based on inclusive areas such as education and medical care, we adhere to the values of customer satisfaction more than ever.

Carrying an intelligent voice artificial intelligence open platform in a world where artificial intelligence can meet individual needs, we are more determined than ever to build an artificial intelligence ecosystem strategy.

Facing the rigid demands of human language & communication barriers, we continue to work on multilingual technology research more than ever, as well as global development strategy. Twenty years ago, we said that we should be the world's largest Chinese speech technology provider, and in the future we should be the world's outstanding multilingual technology provider. For this dream, we have never stopped. iFLYTEK’s translator can support the translation between Chinese and the languages of nearly 200 countries and regions in the world. This goal has been achieved in stages. In the future, we believe it will be fully realized. The strategy of global development is also one of our missions and responsibilities.

The new 2020s have begun. We will see three irresistible trends:

Artificial intelligence will truly change the production and lifestyle of the world at an unprecedented speed;

iFLYTEK, as the national leading artificial intelligence team, will become a global artificial intelligence leader;

We will provide solid contributions to solve the human needs engraved in the history of artificial intelligence and even human-kind development!

A drop of water can lead to the sea;

A gleam of light can light up the stars;

A glimmer of hope is flying to every corner of the world.

Last but not the least, iFLYTEK wishes a happy Chinese New Year to all partners in the world.