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iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant Improves Healthcare for the Indigenous Lisu People in Yunnan

The Smart Medical Assistant developed by iFLYTEK has significantly improved healthcare services in the remote Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The mountainous southwestern prefecture, long victim to poor transportation infrastructure and economic underdevelopment, has been able to utilize iFLYTEK’s AI capabilities to alleviate the working conditions of medical staff and better assist the disproportionately affected Lisu people. 

To enhance the overall healthcare services for underdeveloped region and specifically for the minority Lisu people there, iFLYTEK Healthcare worked with the local health commission to implement the iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant system in the prefecture’s Lushui City. As of September, the system has been utilized in 12 health facilities after less than 6 months.

As a result of dramatic reduction of manual recording, the local healthcare services have greatly improved as doctors and nurses are afforded more time to concentrate on diagnosis and treatment. This increase in efficiency has further led to the increasing capacities of healthcare facilities, as the daily average number of patients served at the 12 facilities has grown from roughly 50 to more than 110. The iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant has further provided more than 287,000 treatments and filed 35,000 medical records; which 83% of medical records filed being standard as required, effectively reducing the risk of misdiagnoses. 

After assisting the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in improving the local healthcare network and better distributing medical resources, iFLYTEK will continue to empower other grassroots health facilities with artificial intelligence and enable rural doctors to give quality and efficient services to local residents.