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A.I. Virtual Diplomat from the Embassy Wish You a Happy New Year

“Our friends from Trinidad and Tobago would like to send an abundance of greetings and best wishes.” On Lunar New Year’s Eve, Embassy of China in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago released a short video showing the A.I. virtual host from iFLYTEK to review the friendship and mutual assistance between China and Trinidad and Tobago in the past year and the A.I. virtual host helped bring sincere wishes of friends from all walks of life in Trinidad and Tobago. 

As China’s first A.I. virtual “diplomat”, she went to Trinidad and Tobago on 2020 Christmas Day and conveyed Christmas and New Year wishes to friends around the world on behalf of the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago. She’s one of the latest applications of China’s advanced A.I. technologies, and also the attempt and breakthrough of the new diplomacy of A.I. empowerment. This Lunar New Year's blessing is the first time since she served as a virtual "diplomat" to "receive and interview" friends from overseas, and to convey the voice of blessings on behalf of A.I. enabling the new forms and developments of new diplomacy.

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, iFLYTEK International and the virtual diplomat from the Embassy of China in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago wish our global partners and friends a prosperous, healthy and successful new year of the Ox!