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Create a better world with A.I.

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iFLYTEK signed a MOU with MCIT

“Very nice to meet you and we look forward to our cooperation!” iFLYTEK International Cooperation Department’s General Manager WuXu Zhang’s greeting in English was fluently translated to Arabic, impressing the leaders of MCIT. The iFLYTEK translator’s international version has been showcased in this international cooperation setting, once again showing the prowess of iFLYTEK artificial intelligence on an international stage.

On August 5th, iFLYTEK signed a project cooperation MOU with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Referred to as MCIT) of Egypt. Based on the MOU, both sides will round up resources to develop a Chinese-Arabic language system that includes speech recognition, speech synthesis and machine translation. iFLYTEK’s rotating CEO Dr. Yu Hu and the MCIT minister Dr. Amr Talaat witnessed the MOU signing while iFLYTEK International Cooperation Department General Manager Wuxu Zhang and the Vice President of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) Dr. Hossam Osman signed the MOU.


iFLYTEK International Cooperation Department general manager Wuxu Zhang(left) and Egypt ITIDA Vice President Dr.Hossam Osman(right)sign the MOU.

Dr. Yu Hu expressed that iFLYTEK is very interested in the development of Arabic in its products and further cooperation with Arabic-speaking countries. The company hopes to combine Egypt’s language experts and other resources to build a globally competitive speech recognition, synthesis and translation system, reaching deeper into the Arabic language market to aid Egypt in innovation and development.


iFLYTEK rotating CEO Dr. Yu Hu expressing iFLYTEK’ss wish to aid Egypt in innovations with iFLYTEK A.I. technologies.

iFLYTEK Senior Vice President and CFO Mr. Dawei Duan noted that this cooperation is a great chance for iFLYTEK to enter the Middle Eastern and African markets. After the development of the Mandarin-Arabic system, iFLYTEK’s A.I. products can cover over 200 million people from Arabic-speaking countries, quickly expanding iFLYTEK’s overseas influence.


iFLYTEK Senior Vice President, CFO Mr. Dawei Duan envisioning applications of A.I. technology in Egypt.

The Minister of MCIT Dr. Amr Talaat tried the iFLYTEK translator and was highly impressed with its level of accuracy. He is looking forward to MCIT-iFLYTEK cooperation in intelligent speech, OCR and other areas of A.I. technology.


iFLYTEK International Cooperation Department general manager Wuxu Zhang demonstrating the new International translator for the minister of MCIT Dr. Amr Talaat.

2019 was a crucial year for iFLYTEK to continue to explore and reach into international markets. The Egypt partnership is an important step into Africa and the Middle East after iFLYTEK strengthened cooperation in Britain, the United States, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and others. iFLYTEK, along with MCIT, will utilize its advantage to together create a better world with artificial intelligence!