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The Official launch of iFLYTEK Global Chinese Learning Platform

iFLYTEK Global Chinese Learning Platform ( was officially launched at the witness of the Ministry of Education and the National Language Committee. Vice Minister of Education and Director of the National Language Committee, Tian Xuejun, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Government, Han Geng, CEO of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. , Liu Qingfeng, and President of People's Education Press, Huang Qiang, all presided over the launching ceremony for the platform with over 200 global guests shared the exciting moment together.


iFLYTEK Global Chinese Learning Platform was constructed at the end of 2016, by the joint effort with the Ministry of Education and the National Language Committee. It aims to provide quality services for Chinese learners all over the world. With the 2-year effort of improving and perfecting the product, it gathers a large variety of Chinese learning resources.

Based on the leading artificial intelligence technology of iFLYTEK, the Global Chinese Learning Platform provides personalized learning resources and sets up Mandarin tests, Chinese translation and other characteristic modules for learners of different ages and regions, including non-native learning groups.

The Global Chinese Learning Platform truly embodies the combination of intelligence and customization, beneficence and openness. By integrating intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technologies, it can customize tailored learning programs for learners. It supports real-time feedback, and helps learners improve their interest and efficiency in learning. Chief Executive of iFLYTEK, Wu Xiaoru, highlighted that the platform followed the principles of Sharing, Collaborating, and Equity. It shared access to other excellent resources or applications and unites all users, management and interfaces. iFLYTEK will continue enriching learning resources, developing applications and building learning systems in order to contribute to a rewarding Chinese learning platform.