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IFlytek Input

IFlytek Input

iFLYTEK input is an intelligent input method designed to deliver the ultimate input experience on mobile phones by incorporating perfectly the speech, handwriting, and

Pinyin input methods.


★ Speech input: Supports mandarin, Cantonese, and English speech inputs as well as customized speech input.

★ Handwriting input: Enables you to write continuously on the Pinyin input interface, which greatly improves the handwriting efficiency.

★ Keyboard input: Comprises Pinyin, English, and stroke input methods, and supports 9-block, QWERTY, and dot-and-dash layout keyboards.

★ Diversified skins: Up to 100 skins of the input interface are available to meet even the most demanding requirement.

Lingxi Voice Assistant

Lingxi Voice Assistant

As an intelligent voice assistant jointly launched by China Mobile and iFLYTEK, Lingxi enables you to make a voice call, send messages, query weather conditions, airline

information, call charges and traffic, buy lotteries, and subscribe for ring-back tones. It can even tell you a joke or chat with you, like a considerate voice secretary.

★ If you would like to reduce your workload, Lingxi can help you make a phone call, send a message, set an alarm, and do other things as a secretary.

★ If you are on the way, Lingxi can be your guide and help you query the weather condition, travel routes, and restaurants.

★ If you would like to have some recreational activities, Lingxi can be your compere and help you play music, subscribe for ring-back tones, and download applications.

★ If you are idle, Lingxi can be your friend and chat with you, tell a joke, or read news for you.

IFlytek Voice Touch

IFlytek Voice Touch

As an intelligent voice assistant focused on Chinese, iFLYTEK Voice Touch supports speech actions, voice search, and voice chat. By simply giving voice commands, direct

your mobile phone at will and speed up the action of the mobile phone by 3 to 5 times compared with that in the touch panel control mode!


★ Mobile phone control: Enables you to make a phone call, send a message, set an alert, play music, or start an application by giving voice commands.

★ Convenient life: Enables you to query call charges, traffic, weather conditions, travel routes, restaurant information, train and flight information, etc.

★ Knowledge assistant: Supports Chinese-English translation, hot news browsing, and recipe query, etc.

★ Intelligent chat: Supports such functions as telling a joke, solving an arithmetic problem, reading a poem of Tang Dynasty, and chatting with you.



iFlyDictation is the speech input assistant software that can hear and speak words based on cloud computing. It supports speech input, speech-to-text conversion, and

text sending by using Email, MicroBlog, WeChat and QQ.


★ A magic speech input tool with a speech recognition rate up to 95%, enabling you to send short messages, microblog, e-mail, WeChat, and QQ messages via speech input and to copy words by pressing the Home key, and an essential iOS tool for Chinese.

★ Supporting speech inputs in mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and incorporating the speech, Pinyin, handwriting, and stroke input methods.

★ Topped the free list and lifestyle list and ranked as a five-star application after being put online for only 3 days, and totally free.

★ Launched by iFLYTEK, the No. 1 brand in Chinese speech industry, in an effort to usher in a speech era.