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Intelligent Project of Guoyuan General Office Building of Anhui International Finance Centre


The intelligent project of Tower A of Guoyuan General Office Building of Anhui International Finance Centre is located on Meishan Road, Hefei, with a floor area of 37,862 square meters. In shear wall structure, the 26-story building is 99 meters in height.

The project involves 17 subsystems including premise distribution system, integrated security prevention system, equipment room system, computer network system, IP phone system, wireless intercom coverage system, cable TV system, integrated management system, information release and guide system, all-in-one card management system, call center system, public broadcasting system, multimedia conference system, building automation system, intelligent lighting system, energy consumption monitoring system and comprehensive weak-current piping system.

With a heavy investment and high requirements, the project is one of the largest intelligent projects in Anhui's finance industry.