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Intelligent Project of General Office Building in East Anqing

Located in the CBD of the new town of Anqing, with a total floor area of 165,000 square meters, the intelligent project of the general office building in east Anhui consists of five monometers. The main body of the project involves four building, with the main building in the center, the administrative service center (Wing 1) and the convention & exhibition center (Wing 2) on the two sides. both Wing 1 and Wing 2 are five-story monometers on the ground. In the north is the property service management center (Wing 3), Wing 1, 2 and 3 are connected to the main building by over bridges, and the visit reception center (Wing 4) is in the northwest corner. 

The project involves system integration management system, background music and broadcasting system, premise distribution system, computer network system, security prevention system, cable TV system, intelligent card application system, building equipment management system, remote metering and billing system, multimedia conference system (including emergency command system), information guide and release system, equipment room engineering, lightening protection and grounding system for building electronic information, indoor wireless signal coverage system, weak-current piping system, etc.

The project is our third intelligent office building project for a municipal government after Wuhu Business & Cultural Center and Huainan Administrative Center.