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Technology Overview

The Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) technology aims to equip a computer with ears so that the computer can hear the speech of human beings and extract text information from the speech. Therefore, the ASR technology enables human-machine communication and interaction based on the most natural and convenient means of speech. The technology plays an important role in intelligent computer systems.

Position in the Industry

In recent years, the speech recognition technology has witnessed remarkable progress. As a leading player in this field, iFLYTEK has launched InterReco, a powerful, stable, and easy-to-use core engine for building high-value speech self-service to meet diversified market demands. At present, iFLYTEK has occupied over 80% of market shares in telecommunications, finance, energy, transportation industries and government agencies, which secures its leading position in the Chinese speech technology field. In 2008, the speech recognition system presented by iFLYTEK won the first place in the NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation (SRE) in terms of comprehensive indexes.