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Solution Overview

iFLYTEK TTS Solution

By using intelligent voice technologies, the solution automatically converts any texts into clear, smooth, and natural speech in real time, meeting the service requirements of the massive, dynamic, and personalized voice information. The solution enhances users’ experience by providing clearer and nature speech, provides rich information service contents quickly and conveniently by converting any texts into speech, and improves the work efficiency and lowers the operating cost by freeing agents from cumbersome or simple but repeated jobs.

Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis and speech recognitions are key technologies essential to realizing human-machine speech communications and setting up a spoken language system capable of listening and speaking. Enabling a computer to talk like a human is a key competition area in the information industry. Compared with speech recognition, speech synthesis technology is more mature and on the verge of large-scale industrial application.


InterPhonic is the best-in-class text to speech (TTS) software product. The TTS technology automatically converts any words into continuous natural voice in real time. Therefore, it is an efficient and convenient means for providing any one with voice information service at any time in any place, meeting the requirements of massive data, dynamic update, and personalized query in the information era.


ViviVoice provides a rich voice database, and is scalable to meet the requirements of diversified voice applications. It can automatically and accurately analyze and pre-process texts intelligently. The synthesized voice is clear, smooth, and natural and offers users the best effect. In addition, the powerful parameter setting and adjustment capabilities support flexible adjustment of acoustic effects. As a brand-new engine for personalized voice service, the ViviVoice makes a difference to the diversified and colorful voice applications.

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