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Project introduction

Embedded TTS Solutions

Aisound is a TTS software module launched by iFLYTEK based on its world leading TTS technology. Featuring compact size, low resources seizure, and high efficiency, the software module is mainly designed for embedded applications to meet text to speech and application requirements in different industries.

By pooling our R&D resources and leveraging existing technologies, we have developed for Aisound a generic version and a number of customized industry-specific versions, for example, navigation version, English education version, mobile version, in the hope of adding value to your products and providing you with better service.

Application Value of the Embedded TTS Product

It provides efficient and natural TTS services for embedded voice applications in the vehicle-mounting, meteorological, water conservancy, transportation, tourism, and toy fields.

Based on the cutting-edge data mining and artificial intelligence technologies, Aisound series of products employs intelligent decision-making to process texts so as to ensure the optimal statistical effect.

Embedded Voice Chip Series

At present, the TTS chips launched by iFLYTEK have found wide applications in many information terminals, including vehicle-mounted dispatcher, information machine, meteorological warning machine, attendance system, queue machine, handheld intelligent instruments, and tax control machine. They have met the service requirements of different industries, created enormous value for customers, and won high customer and market recognition.

Lightweight TTS Software – Aisound

The embedded TTS software module Aisound has been widely used in various fields, including mobile phones, navigators, educational electronics, MP3/MP4, mechanical automation, digital intelligent equipment, and intelligent reading terminal. It supports a wide range of embedded platforms and diversified applications, with exponential growth in successful products and application cases on the market.

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