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Solution Overview

iFLYTEK Voiceprint Recognition Solution

InterVeri is the professional voiceprint recognition software launched by iFLYTEK, which can verify and authenticate the identity of a speaker by comparing the speaker’s voice with the voiceprints stored in a database. Delivering a high security comparable to such biological recognition technologies as iris and fingerprint, the software collects data conveniently by using affordable, popular input devices, and offers a highly cost-effective recognition solution to contactless remote security control field. With only a telephone set on the user end, the software supports quick, convenient, and secure voiceprint-based identity recognition and authentication at any time in any place.

Applications of the InterVeri

The voiceprint recognition technology can be widely applied in a diversity of fields. For example, in call centers of the telecommunications or financial industries, the voice of a customer can serve as the verification code to access an account by using the voiceprint recognition technology. In addition to account and password for identity verification, the customer’s voice can also be a means of verification without involving the customer’s privacy or creating any mental pressure; as a result, the customer is more willing to accept the service mode. By applying the voiceprint recognition technology to VIP self-service, the business personnel can accurately identify a customer to provide securer, more friendly and specific service. In the value-added entertainment applications, if the voiceprints of stars or celebrities are preset in a system, the system can match the voiceprint of a user who calls in with that of a star or celebrity, and give suggestions to the user on whose songs are most suitable for him/her to sing.

In national defense or military field, the voiceprint recognition technology can be applied to identify a key speaker in a telephone conversation so as to track the conversation of the key speaker (in a battlefield monitoring environment). The voiceprint recognition technology can also be applied to identify the person who gives military commands through a telephone (so as to distinguish the commander of us from the commander of the enemy). A voiceprint recognition system can be installed in a fighter plane to identify the energy’s pilot and to help our pilots to take correct countermeasures. In public security or judicial field, the voiceprint recognition technology is an efficient and cost-effective solution to identify or track a suspect in such cases as extortion, kidnapping, capturing escaped criminals, or telephone harassment, which greatly improves the monitoring efficiency and the rate of solving cases.


InterVeri (iFLYTEK Speaker Verifier) is a professional voiceprint recognition engine launched by iFLYTEK to meet the increasing market demand and value-added applications in the security field. InterVeri is applicable to identity verification in fields such as public security, national security, judicial monitoring and management, finance, insurance, operators, and customer survey.

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