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As the most natural and convenient means of human-machine communication, the intelligent speech technology enables a machine to hear and talk like a human being, thus remarkably improving the interaction experience and efficiency of mobile terminals. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and various terminals, mobile terminals pose a more urgent requirement for speech technologies.

To usher the speech technology to more mobile Internet applications, iFLYTEK launched the iFLYTEK Voice Cloud on October 28, 2010, the first of its kind in the industry. Using cloud computing technologies to process massive data, the iFLYTEK voice cloud is a core intelligent speech technology platform designed for mobile Internet applications with self-owned intellectual property rights. Developers of the mobile Internet applications can invoke the interfaces provided by the voice cloud to develop self-service speech applications and implement high-quality intelligent speech interaction services.

Based on this voice platform, iFLYTEK has launched a series of demonstration applications, including iFlyDictation, iFLYTEK Voice Touch, and Lingxi Voice Assistant. On March 22, 2012, iFLYTEK had launched its new generation of open platform for the voice cloud, which attracted wide attention from the industry and won over 10,000 partners including Huawei, Lenovo, TCL, Changhong, SAIC Motor, Sina, and Xiaomi. As more and more users tend to accept and use the voice could, the technologies and services are growing more and more mature.

Sticking to a philosophy of cooperation and sharing, iFLYTEK welcomes more partners to join the voice cloud. We will persist in obtaining core values from voice and cooperate with partners to propel the prosperity of the voice industry.

Attachment: Links to the voice cloud and its demonstration applications:

Open platform for the voice cloud:http://open.voicecloud.cn

iFLYTEK Input:http://ime.voicecloud.cn

iFLYTEK Voice Touch:http://yudian.voicecloud.cn

Lingxi Voice Assistant:http://lingxi.voicecloud.cn